Supply Chain Talk: How Do You Create a Consistent Data Basis for Planning?

In our whitepaper on the 8 essentials of an S&OP Software, we outlined creating a consistent data basis for supply chain planning as an essential S&OP software requirement. In this week’s ‘Supply Chain Talk,’ Arkieva CEO Harpal Singh discusses the key aspects of creating a consistent data basis that supports supply chain planning.

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Supply Chain Talk: What Makes a Supply Chain Technology Partnership Work?

Happy clients are not always good partners. The best advice for companies looking at supply chain technology solutions is to find one that does not just acquiesce to every want, but one that looks at the bigger picture to ensure that you can succeed in the short and long-term. In this week’s ‘Supply Chain Talk,' Arkieva CEO Harpal Singh discusses what makes a good technology partnership, drawing from his years of first-hand experiences.

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