Phase-In / Phase-Out Planning: Another Descriptive Statistic for managing inventory

Make your obsolete inventory more visible with these simple phase-in phase-out planning techniques.

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Back to the Basics: What’s the Core Purpose of Supply Chain Management?

As supply chain professionals and SCM technology enthusiasts, our conversations and discussions are often forward-looking. Sometimes, it’s essential to focus on the here and now, before looking ahead. In this post, we’ll cover some of the basics of what supply chain management entails, and why it’s a critical component in fueling supply chain innovations.

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5 Things to Know About Setting Up a Better Supply Chain Performance Measurement System

Setting up a supply chain performance measurement system? Here are 5 things to know

Only the Shadow Knows – Identifying the Unobvious with Supply Chain Modeling

While reading a wonderful article titled “Linear Thinking in a Non-Linear World – the obvious choice is often wrong” in the May-June 2017 issue of Harvard Business Review, I was immediately transferred back to the early 1980’s and theme of the IBM Advanced Industrial Engineering department – “only the model knows.”

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How do you model inventory in planning systems?

Wondering how inventory is modeled in supply chain planning systems? Here's what you need to know.

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Supply Chain Talk: 4 Effective Strategies for Creating a Robust Scheduling Process

Creating a robust scheduling process that adheres to the overall S&OP plan is essential to reducing inventory costs and excess waste. In this week’s, Supply Chain Talk, Arkieva CEO Harpal Singh, outlines four effective strategies for creating a robust scheduling process.

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Creating a Sourcing and Procurement Process Plan

What are the key elements of a sourcing and procurement process plan? Strategic sourcing is a fact based and systematic approach that organizations use to optimize the management of their supply chain. The approach focuses on improvement of the overall value proposition. This means that it does not entirely look at cost but on ensuring that

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A New Year Resolution for Supply Chain Planners: Stop Firefighting

2017 Supply chain productivity and prioritization tips for supply chain planners.  Every morning, a supply chain planner must make this decision; “what should I work on today?” In a supply chain of any reasonable complexity, this question can easily be answered with the corresponding fire of the day. On any given day, a supply chain

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Top 2016 Supply Chain Strategy Posts from the Supply Chain Link Blog

Happy new year! Over the past year, the Arkieva Supply Chain Link Blog provided thought leadership and informative posts on supply chain strategy tips, trends, and news. Just in case you missed some of our supply chain strategy posts, we’ve compiled a list of our popular supply chain posts from 2016 below (ranked based on

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How to Perform a Supply Chain Management Assessment for 2017

Is your supply chain ready for 2017? A supply chain management assessment might be exactly what you need to get started. With the end of the year looming, it’s once again that time of the year when businesses plan for the upcoming year. For organizations committed to a continuous improvement process for their supply chain

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