Implementing an S&OP System? Here’s How to Make Your Data Work for You

A look at some of the S&OP implementation best practices for managing your data. Now I’m not going to say, “Ask not what your data can do for you, but ask what you can do for your data.” In the past, I was under the impression that going through a system implementation process of setting up product hierarchies would mark the end of the process. I must now say, there’s more to the story.  

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Top 5 Lessons Learned After a Year in Supply Chain Planning

A little over a year ago, I ventured into the unchartered territory of supply chain planning. It was an exciting challenge. I had experience as a marketer in the Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) space. And because ERP solutions often have some supply chain planning functionalities, I thought I could easily apply my knowledge from the ERP space to supply chain planning.

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The S&OP Process Improvement Illusion – Are We There Yet?

Almost three decades ago Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP) became the innovation in manufacturing and supply chain. When S&OP came about in 1987 as a concept, we did not yet have the internet much less the “internet of things.”

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Good Advice: Don’t dwell in the past

Sometimes when we make a mistake it's hard not to dwell over it and relive the incident over and over in our minds. Reflection on a past mistake and help us avoid or learn from this mistake in the future, but how do we not turn this reflection into an obsession?

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A Critical Insight to Successful Supply Chain Planning

During my apprenticeship, one of the critical lessons I learned to work successfully with managers and planners is consistently make clear which planning / scheduling problem is the current focus and how it relates to other planning and scheduling decisions. I have organized these decision points into a tier hierarchy for better understanding of what can make business planning successful.

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Analytics and S&OP: What is Analytics, and how to spot Buzzwords

Sales and Operations Planning is a continuous business process that enables firms from hospitals to chemicals to respond to emerging situations intelligently. Today we will discuss the relevance of buzz words such as Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning, for S&OP.

A Guide to Supply Chain Management: Making Intuition More Valuable

Organizations, from health care facilities to manufacturing giants to small restaurants, can be viewed as an ongoing sequence of loosely coupled activities where current and future assets are matched with current and future demand across the supply chain or demand supply network. These planning and scheduling decisions occur across a complex playing field. Read to learn more about these planning activities.

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Understanding Today’s Supply Chain Complexity: There’s No Substitute for Hard Work!

I was lucky to attend the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix last May. 1 of the keynote speakers was Mike Duke, the former CEO of Walmart. He summarized his career in 10 pieces of advice he got from 10 key persons throughout his life. His parents, his teacher, his first boss, … Advice #1 received from his parents: “There’s no substitute for hard work”. That resonates with me. To understand today’s supply chain complexity … there is no substitute for hard work!

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Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SiOP) – Part Five

Last time in Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SiOP) – Part Four I talked about the Supply step of the cross-functional process of SiOP. For this blog we will conclude this discussion with the Exec SiOP step.

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Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SiOP) – Part Four

Last time in Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SiOP) – Part Three I talked about the Demand step of the cross-functional process of SiOP. For this blog we will discuss the Supply step.

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