Part 3: How Natural Language Processing (NLP) Can Benefit the Supply Chain – Internal Structured Data

This blog discusses how utilizing a semantic parsing method can help a less experienced user transform their data questions into advanced database queries, and how it can help detect errors in datasets.

Our Top Blogs from 2021

Arkieva prides itself on providing some of the best in supply chain thought leadership. Over 300,000 individuals read our blog articles in 2021. The volatile nature of the supply chain today drove our readers to educate themselves on practical actions they can take to remain competitive.

How do you create a streamlined process for analyzing what-if scenarios?

What-if analysis is not about just running software multiple times with different settings. In this week’s Supply Chain Talk Arkieva CEO Harpal Singh, evaluates how to create a streamlined process for analyzing what-if scenarios. When I was a young engineer, some lessons were learned the hard way. I remember working on a scheduling issue

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