We asked the internet’s favorite cheat, ChatGPT, to explain why businesses resist investment in supply chain technology. Here are the reasons why – and Arkieva’s response. Read through and see if any apply to you.

Here are the most common factors that hold people back from using demand and inventory planning software:


The cost of implementing and maintaining planning software can be a significant barrier for many organizations, particularly small and mid-sized businesses. Planning software may require investment in hardware, software licenses, and IT support, which can be prohibitively expensive for some companies.

Arkieva’s Take: Even for large and complex supply chains with a budget, the cost can be a factor. That is why proof of concept is an important part of our education process. Using your data and business scenarios, Arkieva will help you demonstrate the business benefit of upgrading your planning software. For smaller businesses, we offer Arkieva+, a self-service planning tool priced fairly and easy to use. If you’re an enterprise-level company, we offer our award-winning suite of supply chain planning solutions – tailored specifically for you.


Planning software can be complex and requires significant training to use effectively. This may be a challenge for organizations that lack the resources to invest in training or have limited technical expertise.

Arkieva’s Take: More often than not, perceived complexity infers a fear of change over how to use the software. We have found that it is important to take the time to explain new concepts as part of learning new software. For example, how to look at demand from the bottom-up instead of the top-down.

Arkieva’s roots are in supply chain consulting. We built our solution to solve problems. For enterprise-level companies, our onboarding team will ensure that there are no lags in productivity while learning new concepts and how to use the software. With Arkieva+, our self-service training modules can have you planning in just a few days and not weeks or months.

Integration with Existing Systems

Implementing planning software may require integration with existing systems, such as ERP or warehouse management systems. This can be a complex and time-consuming process and may require significant IT support.

Arkieva’s Take: Arkieva is platform agnostic. With most ERPs, a simple feed from the system to our software and back is all that is needed. We enhance your planning capability without having to rip and replace what is already in use. For smaller businesses using Arkieva+, there is virtually no IT required at all. Larger businesses receive a dedicated implementation team to ensure your complex planning challenges are solved.

Resistance to Change

Some employees may be resistant to change and prefer to continue using manual processes or spreadsheets to manage demand and inventory. This can be a challenge for organizations that are trying to implement new software or processes.

Arkieva’s Take: As consultants, we dig into the true reasons for resistance to change. The thing to keep in mind is that the supply chain as we know it is rapidly evolving. The simple truth is that software developed even 10 years ago lacks the features and capabilities of platforms like Arkieva. In addition, your competitors have likely already implemented sophisticated solutions and are gaining a competitive advantage when it comes to serving customers and being responsive to the market. Change is inevitable. If you can make the business case and address personal concerns, then you can contain the fear that comes with change.

In Conclusion

Overall, these barriers can make it challenging for some organizations to implement and use demand and inventory planning software effectively. However, by breaking down the concerns and addressing them one by one, you too can use advanced planning to have a meaningful impact on your business.

Arkieva can be the right partner for you. Whether you are a $50mm family wholesale business or a multi-billion dollar publicly traded enterprise, we have the experience and solutions to meet your needs. We invite you to get a demo and speak with a member of our team. Contact us anytime or see us at Gartner.