[Simulation Results] How Does a Change in Demand From a One-Time Event Impact Future Forecast?

Last week I wrote about the potential benefits in forecasting results based on removing outliers from one-time events. A key question that came up because of that post was this: How long does a change in demand as a result of an event (whether up or down) impact forecasts in the future? Rather than theorize

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The Effect of Currency Demonetization on Statistical Forecasting

How does currency demonetization affect statistical forecasting? The Government of India recently enacted the policy to demonetize Rupees 500 and 1,000 banknotes. ( ₹500 and ₹1,000). All bank notes of these denominations ceased to be legal tender on November 9, 2016. A Google search on this will reap rich returns; here is an article on this topic on

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Planning with My Favorite Restaurant App

As more and more data becomes available, more and more algorithms are being developed to analyze it. We see this happening in our day-to-day life where apps help us choose where to eat, sleep, dance and repeat. Based on some indicators such as age, friends, preferences and past activities, the new digital tools help plan

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5 Steps to a Better Statistical Forecast

Developing an accurate as possible forecast is very important in running a business. Demand planners spend countless hours trying to create a better forecast so that they can help their company be more efficient. A key ingredient in the creation of the final forecast is the forecast generated by a computer program, which is based in statistics. In this

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