Illusion of Capacity and Rabbit in the Hat

One value of supply chain modeling is the ability to explicitly model capacity or constrained resources. Which products get what capacity in what amount at what time? How does this impact on-time delivery? Where do I add capacity? These types of questions are custom made for a “little bit of math” and difficult to do

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Implementation Considerations

I am fairly new to the supply chain industry. Ever since joining Arkieva, I have been immersed in all things manufacturing, planning and optimizing related. As I worked with my colleagues I observed that naturally every company is different and these differences can be seen especially during the implementation process. The steps, rules, politics, etc.,

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Why do Supply Chain Planning Improvement Projects Deteriorate and How to Keep Them Alive

Supply chain planning improvement involves a series of projects separated by periods of institutionalization. Unfortunately during these periods there are many opportunities to regress to the “old ways of doing things”. Industry thought leader Lora Cecere mentions and depicts this phenomenon in her research through the use of orbit charts (see chart below).

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