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Four Steps to an Ethical Supply Chain

The other day I was searching around the internet and I came a across an interesting article on supplychaindigital.com entitled, “Four Steps for an Ethical Supply Chain.” It caught my attention. In a world so driven by competition and climbing to the top, often we leave our values and our ethics in the dust. In

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My Network Design Is Not Your Network Design

From my observations, movement of material through a company’s supply chain is increasingly becoming a major portion of delivered costs. Depending on the industry, nearly 5% of sales dollars will be dedicated to warehousing and transportation. With margins under constant pressure, efficient logistics can be the difference between making and losing money on each sale.

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Implementation Considerations

I am fairly new to the supply chain industry. Ever since joining Arkieva, I have been immersed in all things manufacturing, planning and optimizing related. As I worked with my colleagues I observed that naturally every company is different and these differences can be seen especially during the implementation process. The steps, rules, politics, etc.,

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