Arkieva Customer Spotlight: AkzoNobel Strengthens Position as the Leading Global Supplier of Coil Coatings

Headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Arkieva customer AkzoNobel is a leading global paints, coatings and specialty chemicals manufacturing company. Earlier this month, AkzoNobel announced the acquisition of BASF’s global industrial coatings. This acquisition further strengthens the company’s position as the world's leading supplier of coil coatings. Additionally, AkzoNobel is positioned as a full-service coatings provider for

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Cloud vs. On-Premise Supply Chain Software: And the Winner Is….

Okay, I know what you must be thinking “Another blog post trying to convince me to move to the cloud (yawn).” Before you click away, however, I urge you to stick around because today my goal is to present you with information on cloud and on-premise supply chain solution options, while avoiding any tongue-twisting marketing

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David versus Goliath: Lessons from a Genuine Challenger

*I would like to thank Eric Jensen for his contribution, participation and guidance in creating this blog post. Recently, Arkieva has been labeled as a Challenger by a third party organization. When I hear the word “Challenger” it conjures up what I believe to be the most famous challenger in all of history, David versus

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Why do Supply Chain Planning Improvement Projects Deteriorate and How to Keep Them Alive

Supply chain planning improvement involves a series of projects separated by periods of institutionalization. Unfortunately during these periods there are many opportunities to regress to the “old ways of doing things”. Industry thought leader Lora Cecere mentions and depicts this phenomenon in her research through the use of orbit charts (see chart below).

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