5 Reasons Why the Amazon-Whole Foods Merger Will Reshape the Supply Chain World

What does the Amazon-Whole Foods Merger mean for the Supply Chain world? Amazon, in a revolutionary move, has acquired Whole Foods Market and its 436 stores nationwide for a cool $13.7 billion. The news has rocked the world of retail with several competitors such as Walmart, Target, and Costco losing shares by 4% - 9% in the aftermath

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Arkieva Customer Spotlight: Driscoll’s is Evolving Berry Production with Robot Cultivation and Substrate Farming

Environmental challenges and an increasing population have presented industrial agriculture companies with the need for innovative, sustainable farm practices. Arkieva customer, Driscoll’s with headquarters in Watsonville California, is leading the charge on innovative and environmentally safe agriculture practices—setting the stage for a revolution in the berry production industry. The berry giant with over 34% market

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