Supply Chain Planning Challenges: Exciting Times Ahead

This past week Arkieva attended the India Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit & Awards 2016 in Mumbai. While attending the Summit we were able to discuss with our supply chain colleagues the many supply chain planning challenges we face every day in the industry. We invite you to share in the knowledge and discussions we were able to collect for this blog post. We at Arkieva are already preparing for those exciting supply chain planning challenges ahead; are you ready for these exciting times?

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Lessons from IBM: Supply Chain Efficiency & Smart Planning Engines

“Complexity exists, whether you ignore or not – better not to ignore it” Peter Lyon IBM retired, former director IBM Strategic Systems In 1995 the IBM Microelectronics Division made a decision to invest in a “smart” central or supply chain planning engine (CPE) to intelligently match assets with demand to improve its performance and responsiveness. 

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Building Your First Model

In my previous post, I encouraged you to mingle with your new colleagues and make yourself known as the new go-to person for when planning is involved. While doing so, you have not only started building relationships, you’ve also raised some expectations. Now that you have an idea on what challenges your company might face,

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Planning with My Favorite Restaurant App

As more and more data becomes available, more and more algorithms are being developed to analyze it. We see this happening in our day-to-day life where apps help us choose where to eat, sleep, dance and repeat. Based on some indicators such as age, friends, preferences and past activities, the new digital tools help plan

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Planning versus Scheduling – Helpful Hints

Each year I work with new bright-eyed future experts in planning and scheduling as they make the transition from their academic studies to the murky world of applied planning and scheduling. One of the first rules of thumb I suggest is to ensure everyone has the same view of the problem.  Is this a planning

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