AI/ML, SCM, The Holy Grail, and Helpful Information from Foresight

In this blog, we point the reader to a recent article “Humachine”, which identifies the general challenge of implementing decision technology to improve SCM decision making resulting in improved organizational performance and the importance of experience in the trenches.

Sudoku and SCM: The Binary Connection – A Path To Smarter Solutions

An earlier Sudoku blog recognizing Puzzle Day, provided an overview of solving Sudoku using MILP optimization and mentions these methods are helpful to find solutions in supply or central planning. This blog elaborates on “binary variables” which is the connecting technology between Sudoku and Supply Chain Management (SCM).

National Puzzle Day – Solving Sudoku Puzzle Using Optimization in Arkieva

I learned this morning from my LinkedIn feed that January 29 is national puzzle day. So, we decided to put out a fun blog to mark the occasion. We have tried to solve Sudoku using a Mixed Integer Program (MIP). This blog is unrelated to Supply Chain although we use the technique used here to solve supply chain problems. Please enjoy!

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SCM Technology Investment – INFORMS Provides Critical Information for Success

Before the current set of analytics and SCM experts, it was the OR/MS profession that drove the development and successful application of analytic and data methods to improve supply chain performance. INFORMS continues to lead in the ongoing challenge of more intelligent and responsive supply chains. In this blog, we will point out some keynote addresses from the current meeting of relevance to successful SCM technology investments.

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