Inertia and Entropy: No Wonder S&OP is Tough

It was Sir Isaac Newton who told us that things not in motion will continue to be that way until acted upon by an external force. Vice versa, things that were already in motion will continue to move that particular way without a change in direction or speed unless acted upon by an external force. Today we know this as the law of inertia.

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15 Questions to Ask When Collaborating with Marketing and Product Managers

Extending sales and operations collaboration requires a clear articulation of business rules and information transfers. As a result, knowing exactly what questions to ask is crucial. In this short blog series, I will provide a list of questions to ask the various roles and people involved in the S&OP process. These questions can make a good starting point of collaborating with marketing and product managers.

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Implementation Considerations

I am fairly new to the supply chain industry. Ever since joining Arkieva, I have been immersed in all things manufacturing, planning and optimizing related. As I worked with my colleagues I observed that naturally every company is different and these differences can be seen especially during the implementation process. The steps, rules, politics, etc., always vary and no two companies are the same.

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Are You Measuring What is Important?

Key Points: Work hard on finding the ‘perfect’ metric that measures the behavior you are trying to improve. Look for both the cause and the effect. In the absence of such a metric, do not ignore the ones that are only partially good. Do not measure something just because the data is available.

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Port Shutdowns and Other What-If Candidates

Recently, I was visiting with a prospect in Pennsylvania and they lamented on the effect of the ongoing port shutdowns on the west coast. He went on to say how they have heard of a threat for a shutdown for many years and everyone had become accustomed to it.

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