About Nakul Tilak

Nakul started his career in Arkieva in July 2014, joining the consulting team. He works in Arkieva’s India office. His work experience includes a brief stint in a brakes manufacturing company followed by consulting experience in service parts planning services and operational analytics. In Arkieva, he has been implementing Demand & Inventory Planning solutions for clients.

3 Must-have Inventory Planning Software Features

Every supply chain planner’s goal is to provide the highest degree of customer service while reducing inventory in the supply chain network. High customer service translates to more business for the organization, and low inventory costs mean increased working capital. Supply chain planners may struggle to balance both, but good inventory planning software would help

How Does a Supply Chain Planning System Aggregate and Disaggregate Data?

Planners in certain industries such as the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) prefer updating forecasts at an aggregate level but would also sometimes want to lock values at the detail level to prevent disaggregation to a specific combination. How is it done? A planning system is expected to present correct data to the planner at whatever level it is being looked at.

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