Manufacturing Day 2017: [Infographic] The Evolution of Inventory Management Strategies

When you talk to any manufacturer no matter how large or small about their concerns, improved inventory management is bound to be a part of the conversation. To celebrate manufacturing day today, we thought it would be beneficial to take a closer look at how inventory strategy keeps evolving using an infographic from Arkieva based on research conducted by Aberdeen.

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Supply Chain Talk: Controlling Working Capital and Inventory – Is There a Pot of Gold at The End of the Rainbow?

How can businesses improve working capital management? In this week’s ‘Supply Chain Talk’, Arkieva CEO Harpal Singh discusses how to identify inventory buffer factors to help control working capital fluctuations.

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How do you model inventory in planning systems?

Wondering how inventory is modeled in supply chain planning systems? Here's what you need to know.

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Creating an Actionable Plan for Unlocking Working Capital with Inventory Optimization

Optimize: To make as perfect, effective, or functional as possible For many companies, the term “inventory optimization” has become more of a catch phrase than an actual reality. The idea of cutting inventory costs while maintaining the same level of customer service is rather elusive. Yet, almost all manufacturing businesses would agree that unlocking inventory

3 Key Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization Challenges and How to Overcome Them

When it comes to inventory optimization, companies often have to play a delicate balancing game to ensure that they have optimal levels of inventory. If your forecast numbers are too high, you run the risk of holding costly excess inventory and reducing available cash on hand. If your forecast numbers are too low on the

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Analytics and S&OP: What is Analytics, and how to spot Buzzwords

Sales and Operations Planning is a continuous business process that enables firms from hospitals to chemicals to respond to emerging situations intelligently. Today we will discuss the relevance of buzz words such as Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Data Science, and Machine Learning, for S&OP.

Understanding Today’s Supply Chain Complexity: There’s No Substitute for Hard Work!

I was lucky to attend the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix last May. 1 of the keynote speakers was Mike Duke, the former CEO of Walmart. He summarized his career in 10 pieces of advice he got from 10 key persons throughout his life. His parents, his teacher, his first boss, … Advice #1 received from his parents: “There’s no substitute for hard work”. That resonates with me. To understand today’s supply chain complexity … there is no substitute for hard work!

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A Five-Step Approach to Effective Demand Planning Implementation

Good handling of market demand data is one of the most vital concepts in any supply chain. But how to create powerful demand planning implementation? The five-step approach outlined below provides guidance.

Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SiOP) – Part Three

Last time in Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SiOP) – Part Two I talked about the Demand step of the cross-functional process of SiOP. For this blog we will discuss the Inventory step.

Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SiOP) – Part Two

Last time in Sales, Inventory & Operations Planning (SiOP) – Part One I talked about the Segmentation and Product Management steps of the cross-functional process of SiOP. For this blog we will discuss the Demand step.

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