Central Planning Engines: Lessons from Leibniz

Arkieva’s Dr. Ken Fordyce recently participated in the Dagstuhl Seminar, "Modeling and Analysis of Semiconductor Supply Chains" in Wardern Germany. While attending he was able to participate in great discussions about “end to end” planning – aka master scheduling, and has written about his observations in regards to Advanced Planning and Schedule (APS), supply planning, and Central Planning Engine (CPE).

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Supply Chain Planning Challenges: Exciting Times Ahead

This past week Arkieva attended the India Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit & Awards 2016 in Mumbai. While attending the Summit we were able to discuss with our supply chain colleagues the many supply chain planning challenges we face every day in the industry. We invite you to share in the knowledge and discussions we were able to collect for this blog post. We at Arkieva are already preparing for those exciting supply chain planning challenges ahead; are you ready for these exciting times?

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Five principles for future Supply Chain Planners

Are you a current supply chain planner? Or are you fixing to become one? Have you wondered what makes someone a good supply chain planner? In this post, I have compiled 5 principles for supply chain planners to follow.

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The Balanced Scorecard approach to ROI for your Supply Chain Planning Project

In my last post, I discussed how one should approach the calculation of ROI for a Supply Chain Planning Project. I provided some general guidelines on tangible versus intangible benefits, and also mentioned what to include or exclude in your final ROI calculations to be presented to management. In this post, I will discuss an approach that I learned from a book.

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Management and Supply Chain Planners: A case of hedgehog and the fox?

I was recently exposed to the idea of thinking like a hedgehog (one big idea) versus the fox (a lot of different ideas). So what happens when people who are more like hedgehogs in their line of work, interact with people who think like a fox? I just happen to know two such groups: Business leaders or management and supply chain planners. In this blog post, I want to examine this very question.

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Illusion of Capacity and Rabbit in the Hat

One value of supply chain modeling is the ability to explicitly model capacity or constrained resources. Which products get what capacity in what amount at what time? How does this impact on-time delivery? Where do I add capacity? These types of questions are custom made for a “little bit of math” and difficult to do in a simple spreadsheet model.

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Rough Cut Capacity Planning – A Place to Start

Your demand planning process is complete and demand statement is created; excellent, but the sales and operation planning journey is far from complete – the next critical step is matching or balancing assets (capacity, materials, people and projected supply of finished goods) with demand to answer three questions that are part of being a responsive organization:

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Planning versus Scheduling versus Execution – Supply Chain Style

Last post, I talked about the different mindsets as one goes through the planning, scheduling and execution of a family’s vacation to Florida. My attempt was to try and highlight the differences between the three stages. In this post, I will try and pull those concepts into supply chain planning.

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Planning versus Scheduling versus Execution – Family Vacation Style

In the supply chain world, we often talk about planning, scheduling and execution. In this two part blog post, we will try and explain this from two points of view: One from real life and another from a supply chain perspective.

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Port Shutdowns and Other What-If Candidates

Recently, I was visiting with a prospect in Pennsylvania and they lamented on the effect of the ongoing port shutdowns on the west coast. He went on to say how they have heard of a threat for a shutdown for many years and everyone had become accustomed to it.

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