Arkieva has been in the supply chain business for close to 30 years. Over this time, we’ve seen many changes in the business landscape and how technology companies such as ours respond to customer needs. For almost the last 10 years, “digital transformation” has been a prime area of focus. For the supply chain, this digital transformation falls into two buckets:

  1. Adapting to doing business across digital and traditional channels, and/or
  2. Applying automation and predictive analytics to forecasts.

Both are interconnected.  Customers are shopping differently than ever before and with it, the expectation for delivery of products is expected to be fast and error-free. This is true for manufacturing, industrial distribution, and everything in-between.  Those that do not adapt to the “new ways” of doing business will soon perish.

Digital Transformation SaaS

Digital Transformation Adoption

We’ve also seen uneven adoption of digital transformation across the marketplace. Very large players have been making significant investments in transformation since the mid-2000s, with many ahead of the curve. Digital native companies began with an online focus and are comfortable with automation/digital channels – but struggle when they must work with a customer face to face. But there are many businesses that fall in the middle. They have dabbled in transformation but cannot cross the finish line. What’s holding them back?

  • Their IT resources lack the bandwidth to lead a large-scale transformational project.
  • They have small supply chain teams that are stretched too thin to take on new technology. They are just keeping the “lights on” and doing the best possible with limited time and money to invest.
  • They are unable to move away from legacy methods of forecasting due to perceived complexity.
  • They have revenue (typically) under $250 million where the ROI on an enterprise-type solution is hard to prove. These organizations can usually only take on one large project a year – both fiscally and timewise.

Introducing Arkieva+

Arkieva has studied this challenge. Over the past few years, we have been working to address the needs of these customers. Arkieva+ is a SaaS application that can be up and running in hours. It features a simple subscription model that allows you to purchase only what you need – from demand to inventory to supply to end-to-end planning. With Arkieva+, you will get the predictive capabilities of enterprise offerings and can improve business performance with little effort (it even has an ROI calculator that will allow you to benchmark supply chain improvements).

Arkieva+ is built for the 2 million retail, manufacturing, and distribution companies in the US with revenue between $50MM to $250MM. We invite you to check it out. It will make a difference for you and your company.