From discussions on enabling advanced business processes and improving supply chain visibility, to supply chain technology trends, the SAPInsider SCM 2017 in Orlando Florida, is set to be a fun learning and networking experience for supply chain professionals using SAP systems.

To make the most out the SAPInsider SCM 2017 event, it’s imperative that event attendees plan to attend both product driven and strategy sessions that come with practical applications on how to improve current supply chain processes and optimize SAP IT investments.

Since demand planning forms an essential part of creating an integrated business process, Arkieva will be hosting two demand planning sessions with a focus on practical ways that upstream manufacturers can improve forecasting and demand planning processes.

SAPInsider Demand Planning Session #1: Improve your forecasts – How to Implement demand sensing for upstream manufacturers

The first Arkieva session presented by Arkieva COO and Supply Chain Optimization Thought Leader – Sujit Singh is titled “Improve your forecasts – How to Implement demand sensing for upstream manufacturers” on Tuesday, March 07 from 10:45 am – 11:45 am at Northern A-4. The session discusses ways that upstream manufacturers can detect and react to demand changes, reduce inventory costs and avoid the bullwhip effect using more than just the Point of Sale (POS) data.

Attendees will learn:

  • Practical Examples of how upstream manufacturers are using B2B demand sensing to improve inventory management and increase sales opportunities
  • Using more than point of sale (POS) data to determine material requirements, as this may not be relevant to manufacturers two or three layers upstream
  • How to avoid the “Bullwhip effect” when buffers increase between you and the customer
  • Using near-term market signals and historical data to discover order patterns, customer material usage, co-products and highlight sales opportunities.

SAPInsider Demand Planning Session #2: Using Data Analytics for B2B Demand Generation and Shaping

To continue the demand planning discussion for upstream manufacturers, on Wednesday, March 08 from 9:00 am – 10:00 am Arkieva host a second session titled “Using Data Analytics for B2B Demand Generation and Shaping” at Northern A-4. The follow-up discussion will focus on how upstream manufacturers can use demand shaping tactics to turn excess inventory into cash.

The session will discuss:

  • The different ways B2C companies incorporate Demand Shaping
  • Why those options are not available to all upstream manufacturers in the B2B space
  • How upstream manufacturers can use data analytics to identify demand shaping opportunities
  • How to create up-selling and cross-selling opportunities (turning slow-moving inventory into cash)

These sessions are designed to be educational and are loaded with practical applications and examples on how Arkieva has implemented demand sensing and demand shaping with various upstream manufacturers. We hope to interact with you during these sessions and learn more about your current demand planning initiatives. Be sure to visit the Arkieva booth #315 with any additional demand planning questions.

Click here to view the session slides.