I have known Jeff for 10+ years now. He has always been a hard worker. And he has also been one of those who pays attention to what he eats, how he works out, etc. I have yet to finish a 5K where he has not already rested for at least 10 minutes with a smile by the time I am finishing up. And then there have been conversations at Arkieva about his long bike rides through country roads, hills, and valleys almost every weekend.

When everybody was stuck in our homes because of COVID-19, Jeff was itching for a way to burn his energy for something good. He found out about the Great Cycle Challenge (GCC). They have partnered with the Children’s Cancer Research Fund (CCRF) to raise money to fight childhood cancer. The way it works is simple: One sets oneself a personal ride target to pedal in September and then logs these miles throughout the month via an app. And then one spreads the word and raises funds for the cause.

Well, Jeff did very well in the first year itself (2020). He set a target of 400 miles and biked more than 434 miles. At the same time, he raised a significant amount. The next year he upped his target to 500 but actually did 848 miles! And once again, he raised a significant amount. In 2022, realizing his hectic travel schedule, he once again targeted 500 miles. But true to form, he blew past it and actually did 654 miles. And of course, he raised a significant amount of money. All told he has raised close to $20K for the cause over the last 3 years.

As I write this, September is here, and Jeff is ready for another challenge. It is one thing to do this as a low-energy affair – but Jeff is anything but low-energy. He has been mentally and physically preparing for this September challenge since at least June and possibly since last October by riding his stationary bike in his basement. He has set a goal of 500 miles again.

Arkieva has sponsored Jeff since the beginning and feels lucky to continue to be a part of this journey. It feels good to have a person amongst us who cares about a worthy cause like this and is willing to put his body through pain to raise money for the cause. As he sets his eyes on the 2023 ride, we wish him the very best. May the rides be easy; may the pain stay away, and may the donations come in fast and furious.

Way to go, Jeff. Now start pedaling and clock those miles 😊


PS: If you would like to donate to the cause, you may do so using this link.