supply chain planning poem

It’s Planned – A Supply Chain Planning Poem written from the view of a supply chain planner. 

To celebrate great poetry reading day today, we decided to take a break from our usual Friday Supply Chain Talk to try some poetry instead. The poem below, written from the view of a supply chain planner, sums up some of the experiences of many supply chain planners (especially before implementing Arkieva). Feel free to share a verse or two of your own. Enjoy!


It’s Planned

Someone once told me that if you fail to plan, then you plan to fail,

But he never mentioned what happens when you plan but fail.

Now I’m referring to a detailed analysis that still misses the mark,

It’s the type that you had hoped would hit it out of the ballpark,

But instead it’s Saturday, and I’m playing a game called “Spreadsheets and Errors.”

The truth is I’d rather watch my team play or even see a show that has some terror,

Because the idea of watching a scary movie is not as intimidating as the forecast errors.

Who cares about the syntax error?

I was under the impression that I would be working as a planner,

Instead, I’m just spending my days often as a data gatherer,

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not afraid of hard work.

It’s just that this system just isn’t working;

I dread those Monday S&OP meetings because I’ll always miss a scenario,

And the idea of recreating the work that took days, if not weeks, makes me want to say cheerio!

Oh wait, I can’t bid farewell because operations are at a halt, until there is a plan

Don’t worry guys; I’m trying to be some kind of superman.

I think my head is in the clouds though because our supply doesn’t match our demand.

Is it planned? That’s just the running joke,

And unfortunately, this one is on me.


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