At the end of the year, as an Arkieva holiday tradition, we say thank you to our customers by sending chocolates from Belgium (another good reason to become an Arkieva customer). This year was no different. And of course, we treat ourselves to some of the delicious goodness. Here is our holiday video of everyone sharing in the chocolatey fun!

We’ve enjoyed every interaction with you this year.
We wish you much success in the upcoming years.
Thank you and Happy Holidays.

happy holidays 2016 featured

It was a choco delight

It was a choco delight
That came right before Christmas night.
All Arkieva folks were prepared like knights;
Ready to run their optimization models,
Making their customers forecasting supermodels.
The scripts had been written,
And the bugs had been smitten.
The solution was running so smoothly;
Demand planners and cross functional teams were finally collaborating – yes truly!
Inventory scheduling was just-in-time,
Leaving no room for customers to say “oops next time!”
Customers were truly delighted,
Opening the door for opportunities – everyone was excited.
But in the end, Arkieva was where it started,
The course to integrated business planning was charted.
A journey that sometimes starts with a supply chain software purchase,
But often ends with a tailored solution that ends years of many searches.

We wish you a happy holiday season,
We hope to make your day for any reason.
In 2017, and the years ahead,
Delivering solutions that stay in the lead.

Did you take a bite?
It was our choco delight.