A Guide to Surviving the Thanksgiving from a Supply Chain Perspective [Slideshow]

From the four-day weekend with “unbeatable” sales just-in-time for the holidays, to the slowly roasted turkey that leaves everyone in anticipation for hours, thanksgiving remains one of America’s favorite traditions. This thanksgiving, we are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to serve clients that give us thankfulness and joy every day of the year, and

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Five Customer Product Segmentation Pitfalls to Avoid

Many organizations are segmenting customers and products to improve EBIT and working capital or to implement their strategy more consistently. Although segmentation initially seems to be little more than a logical reflection on the customer and product portfolio, it is actually a lot more complex than that. When embarking on a customer product segmentation exercise,

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Build Your Own Corner Office

In my recent post on going places, I put forward some of my thoughts on how a young college graduate should approach their career. Here is a different take on the same topic. Let me indulge the civil engineer in me (or what is left of what I learnt in my college days). Let us think

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