Here at Arkieva we have three offices. From our previous post, you can tell that one of those locations is in Antwerp, Belgium. We can also be found in Mangalore, India but our headquarters are located in Wilmington, DE. For some this may ring a bell…for the others keep reading and I tell you more about this city we call home.

Arkieva was founded in Wilmington, DE in 1993. Wilmington is the largest city in the state of Delaware with almost 71,000 residents. Located in New Castle County, we are a jump, skip and a hop from cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. As you may know, Vice President Joe Biden has traveled from Wilmington to D.C. for many years while serving in the senate and the Whitehouse. Like the V.P., we utilize our location to visit clients, provide in person support and remain accessible to prospects.

The Vice President isn’t the only claim to fame Wilmington has however. One in our industry cannot think of Wilmington, Delaware without making an association to the Chemical Company E.I du Pont Nemours and Company (commonly referred to as DuPont). As the world’s fourth largest chemical company based on market capitalization, they have succeed in developing polymers such as nylon, Teflon, Freon and Chroma Flair. The red oval logo can be seen on buildings, hospitals and highways throughout the state. If you live in Delaware or one of the surrounding counties you probably know some who works or has worked for DuPont.  In fact, Arkieva’s founders were once employed by DuPont which probably explains our soft spot for the chemical and process industry.

For those not in the chemical industry, you may be familiar with our city because of the Port of Wilmington. This deep-water port is located at the confluence of the Christina River and the Delaware River, about 65 miles from the Atlantic Ocean.  The full service port handles about 400 vessels annually with an annual import/export cargo tonnage of more than 6 million tons. Today, Delaware’s port is the busiest terminal on the Delaware River. Since it was founded in 1923, the Port of Wilmington has been a major Mid-Atlantic import/export gateway for a wide variety of maritime cargoes and trade. The Port of Wilmington handles fresh fruit, bananas, juice concentrate, automobiles, steel, forest products, livestock, petroleum, and other cargo. Want to bet that some of your inventory has come through Delaware?

Arkieva has a rich history in Wilmington, DE. Over the years we have been able to reap of the benefits of living in such an industry friendly area…and get to know the best places for lunch. Hope you enjoyed learning more about our city and if you are ever in the area give us a ring!

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