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From the four-day weekend with “unbeatable” sales just-in-time for the holidays, to the slowly roasted turkey that leaves everyone in anticipation for hours, thanksgiving remains one of America’s favorite traditions.

This thanksgiving, we are extremely grateful to have the opportunity to serve clients that give us thankfulness and joy every day of the year, and the amazing Arkieva team that works tirelessly to deliver innovative supply chain solutions.  

As supply chain enthusiasts, it only seemed fair that we share our supply chain version of a guide to surviving the thanksgiving.

Step 1: Acquire your raw materials.

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The first step of the survival guide seems simple enough. Acquiring your raw materials involves going to the grocery store or shopping online. If you can follow the shopping list instructions from your cookbook or your grandma’s secret recipe you should ace this.

Shopping Tip: Don’t wait until the last minute. You need a few days to thaw the turkey beforehand.