Central Planning Engines: Lessons from Leibniz

Arkieva’s Dr. Ken Fordyce recently participated in the Dagstuhl Seminar, "Modeling and Analysis of Semiconductor Supply Chains" in Wardern Germany. While attending he was able to participate in great discussions about “end to end” planning – aka master scheduling, and has written about his observations in regards to Advanced Planning and Schedule (APS), supply planning, and Central Planning Engine (CPE).

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Supply Chain Planning Challenges: Exciting Times Ahead

This past week Arkieva attended the India Manufacturing Supply Chain Summit & Awards 2016 in Mumbai. While attending the Summit we were able to discuss with our supply chain colleagues the many supply chain planning challenges we face every day in the industry. We invite you to share in the knowledge and discussions we were able to collect for this blog post. We at Arkieva are already preparing for those exciting supply chain planning challenges ahead; are you ready for these exciting times?

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Welcome to Wilmington!

Wilmington, Delaware, is a great place to live and work. It has been a center of the operations of the famous DuPont company for several hundred years now. Over the years, it has attracted a lot of different types of companies. Arkieva’s headquarters have been in Wilmington since 1993. Through this blog, we share some interesting facts about Wilmington and invite you to learn more about Wilmington and Arkieva.

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David versus Goliath: Lessons from a Genuine Challenger

*I would like to thank Eric Jensen for his contribution, participation and guidance in creating this blog post. Recently, Arkieva has been labeled as a Challenger by a third party organization. When I hear the word “Challenger” it conjures up what I believe to be the most famous challenger in all of history, David versus

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