Top 5 Signs You Have Outgrown Your Planning System

Industry analysts, big-time consultants, and your peers are all talking about technology, digital transformation, and the future of the supply chain. It can seem like a lot of noise given the day-to-day pressure you feel while working to ensure that inventory is on hand and positioned where it is supposed to be. With all you have on your plate, are you aware of the signs that it is time for a change? 

5 Things to Consider When Starting Your Supply Chain Digital Transformation Journey

Digital Transformation is a popular term being used in today’s supply chain world. This can mean different things for your organization based on your company’s maturity. In this blog, you will learn the five key points to consider in a supply chain transformation journey.

What is a Supply Chain Digital Transformation?

Gartner defines Digital business transformation as “the process of exploiting digital technologies and supporting capabilities to create a robust new digital business model.” To further expand on this definition, a Supply Chain Digital Transformation is the process of utilizing supply chain technologies to create a robust digital business model that enhances existing supply chain processes.

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Q&A: How is Linde Optimizing Operations with a Supply Chain Digital Twin?

Arkieva Customer, Linde PLC, is a leading supplier of industrial gases in the world. Linde has transformed its network optimization processes by creating a digital twin of its integrated supply chain with Arkieva. I sat down with Richard Wallington, Global Head of Bulk Supply Chain at Linde to find out more.

Key Supply Chain Digital Transformation Pitfalls to Avoid

Supply Chain Digital transformation has the potential to be, for no better words, transformative; when done right, a transformation can enable your business to reap significant, and well-documented, benefits. On the other hand, Supply Chain Digital Transformation if executed poorly cost companies millions, go on for years, fail to deliver expected or any benefits, and ultimately end up costing some CEO and CIO their jobs.

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