About Alfred Degbotse

Alfred Degbotse has interest in Supply Chain and Business Analytics. Alfred worked with IBM for almost 20 years before joining Arkieva. While with IBM Alfred worked in areas of Supply chain planning and Business Analytics, he has numerous granted patents in Supply and factory planning solutions. Alfred graduated from Virginia Tech with a Ph.D. in Operations Research.

Pyramid Forecasting Process

One of the many ways to improve the forecast is to forecast using a pyramid process, starting at the base, then forecasts the subsequent levels moving upwards. The objective of using the pyramid forecast process is to use the less detailed portions of the pyramid to improve the base level forecast of the pyramid.

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Automated Forecasting

A successful demand planning process accurately forecasts demand and revenue streams, and subsequently drives the next steps in the S&OP process which are Inventory, Supply Planning, and Optimization. Therefore, it is a crucial step in an organization's S&OP process.

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