About Bipin Trivedi

Working as a Supply Chain Optimization Consultant at Arkieva, Bipin works with clients in the Chemical, Pharma and Manufacturing Industries. He has extensive experience in operations and logistics in both the military and corporate sectors. He has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from IIT Bombay.

How Does a Demand Forecast of Zero Impact Your Forecast Accuracy?

For most businesses that rely on demand forecasts for supply and capacity planning, improving demand forecast accuracy is critical. There are many methods to measure forecast bias and the accuracy of supply chain forecasts including using statistical methods like the Mean Absolute Percent Error or MAPE that we’ve discussed in our previous blogs.

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Demand Forecasting: The Art and Science That Keeps You Guessing

“It is said that the present is pregnant with the future” – Voltaire Forecasting, therefore, is an attempt to deduce the future from the present. It is both, art and science. We will explore the practice of forecasting demand in the short to medium term. Within the constraints of economic and technology trends, demand forecasting drives the planning process in most businesses.

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