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Welcome to Antwerp

As mentioned in a previous blog here, Arkieva’s headquarters are located in Wilmington, Delaware, but it also has other offices worldwide. Arkieva started its European activities from Antwerp in March 1999.  The office is located in the Bredestraat 4.  The word Bredestraat means Broad Street and it was the Broad Street of Antwerp in medieval times.

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Don’t Blame the Testers

In a software development environment, people sometimes unknowingly blame or harm the credibility of the testers. For instance, when a bug occurs in a live system, the first thing that comes to mind is “why didn’t the testers find this?” This is sometimes followed by an initiative to improve the testing process which is usually

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Can everyone test?

In my previous post you read that testing is not the same as checking.  So when I talk about testing I never mean checking.  When I talk about a tester, I talk about someone who does everything else including checking.

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Testing versus Checking

In the software business there seems to be a lot of confusion about the word testing. In many situations the word “testing” is used for what I would call “checking”. The origin of this confusion goes back to the first computer programs.

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