Planning versus Scheduling – Helpful Hints

Each year I work with new bright-eyed future experts in planning and scheduling as they make the transition from their academic studies to the murky world of applied planning and scheduling. One of the first rules of thumb I suggest is to ensure everyone has the same view of the problem.  Is this a planning

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Illusion of Capacity and Rabbit in the Hat

One value of supply chain modeling is the ability to explicitly model capacity or constrained resources. Which products get what capacity in what amount at what time? How does this impact on-time delivery? Where do I add capacity? These types of questions are custom made for a “little bit of math” and difficult to do

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Rough Cut Capacity Planning – A Place to Start

Your demand planning process is complete and demand statement is created; excellent, but the sales and operation planning journey is far from complete – the next critical step is matching or balancing assets (capacity, materials, people and projected supply of finished goods) with demand to answer three questions that are part of being a responsive

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