Eric Wilson

Eric Wilson oversees Demand Planning and S&OP at Tempur Sealy International and is a speaker and panelist for the 2016 Supply Chain Forum. He is Certified Professional Forecaster (CPF) and was voted in 2015 by Supply and Demand Chain Executives as one of the Top 20 Pros to Know and is the author of the article “Improving Forecast Accuracy through Talent Management” and a coauthor of the article “Practical Considerations in Forecast Value Added (FVA) Analysis”.


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  • 3 Essential Steps for Setting Supply Chain Digital Transformation Goals

    Building the business case for change is crucial to compel transformation at a leadership and organizational level. Before you start any transformation project it is important to understand the why, what, and how and articulate a clear vision and path of the future state.

  • Key Supply Chain Digital Transformation Pitfalls to Avoid

    Supply Chain Digital transformation has the potential to be, for no better words, transformative; when done right, a transformation can enable your business to reap significant, and well-documented, benefits. On the other hand, Supply Chain Digital Transformation if executed poorly cost companies millions, go on for years, fail to deliver expected or any benefits, and ultimately end up costing some CEO and CIO their jobs.

  • The S&OP Process Improvement Illusion – Are We There Yet?

    Almost three decades ago Sales and Operational Planning (S&OP) became the innovation in manufacturing and supply chain. When S&OP came about in 1987 as a concept, we did not yet have the internet much less the “internet of things.”

  • Supply Chain Planning and an Uncertain Economy

    Supply Chain Planning deals with the future and therefore uncertainty with economy. As a result, the planners sometimes have to question other people’s assumptions. Whether for this or some other reason, they do not get credit that is due to them for the great job they do. Eric Wilson from Tempur Sealy gives them the due credit and then some and calls them the super heroes of business. We agree!


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